Monday, February 11, 2013

UGA Students Discuss Valentine's Day

In an interview during class change at the University of Georgia some students said that Valentine’s Day was a silly holiday with a serious sentiment.
Kameel Mir, Sophomore at UGA

Kameel Mir, a sophomore at the UGA, had no particular plans for the day. 

Mir said that if she had a special someone to celebrate with she would just want to spend time with him.
She said “Everyday should be one where lovers tell each other how much they love each other. You know? It shouldn’t be a special occasion.”

Henry Adams, Sophomore at UGA
Henry Adams, another sophomore at UGA, said he would be making cookies with his other single friends. 

Like Mir, Adams said that if he had someone special he would celebrate the day simply by spending some time with her.

Adams said he would want to personalize the holiday as much as possible, “Hallmark cards? No, I make my own cards.”

He said the occasion should be special and focus on the two of them, not just a holiday that’s special to the entire nation.

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