Monday, February 4, 2013

Former Commissioner Sticks to his Guns

Chuck Horton, former Oconee County Commissioner, said in his interview with a Journalism class at the University of Georgia that standing up for what he believed was an important and difficult part of his career.

 “I think people that are close to you remember the stands you take,” said Horton.

Chuck Horton, former Oconee County Commissioner,
speaks to a journalism class.
He said it was a hard time for him and his wife when he worked on the Board of Education, prior to his time as Commissioner, when he was the only member who voted against a proposal to ban certain books in the school libraries. However, he also listed this as one of his biggest accomplishments.

He took a stand again when he gave up his position as Commissioner in 2012 to run for Chairmen of the Oconee County Commission against incumbent Melvin Davis.  Horton said he took the challenge because “if you have somebody who says in a public meeting that he will withhold information from the other commissioners” it’s time for change. While he was unsuccessful in his campaign he said he did not regret his decision.

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