Monday, January 14, 2013

Future Shopping at the Epps Bridge Centre

The construction sight just off Epps Bridge Parkway will soon be the Epps Bridge Centre, a shopping center featuring a Movie Theatre, PetSmart, Marshall’s and the discount shoe retailer Off Broadway.
B.R. White, head of both the Oconee County Planning Department and Oconee County code enforcement revealed that these businesses had been given building permits so they could become part of the $76 million project covering 80 acres of land.
My journalism professor, who had a talk with White about the new Centre, relayed that the Georgia Theatre Company intends to open a University 16 Stadium Theatre by Memorial Day of 2013.
According to White more tenants for the Centre are being discussed currently.


  1. Good. We needed a PetSmart in the area. There are only two small pet stores in the area, both with very limited stock.

  2. Now you can buy a fish to match your new outfit on your way to meet your date at the movies ;)

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